The End Is Near (dun dun dun)

My flight back to New York leaves 2 weeks from today, almost down to the minute.


My time here in Paris has absolutely flown. The end really is near: my touristy to-do list is down to just three items (Les Catacombes, Les Invalides and Musée L’Orangerie), final exams begin this week, and it’s time to start thinking about places/things I want to revisit before I leave:

1) A warm, lazy day picnicking along the Seine

2) Luxembourg Gardens (which is where I eat lunch/walk through between classes just about every other day, anyway)

3) One last amazing French dinner (maybe try frogs’ legs??)

4) Baguette/cheese/wine night (probably my Last Supper on May 26th)

5) Spend lots and lots of time with my amazingly awesome friends

6) Continue to enjoy Parc Montsouris, located right across the street from my building

A tangent about Montsouris: This is where I go running most of the time, and what else do you do when you’re running besides listen to music? You judge other people, of course. Don’t get me wrong; the French population is super in shape and everyone runs. Undoubtedly they are, for the most part, in far better shape than I. But they wear the most bizarre outfit extremes- either it’s a fancy workout suit, or it’s khaki shorts and a polo. With a leather belt. I even saw a woman last week (in sunny, 60 degree weather) jogging in a scarf and parka. C’mon, guys: gym shorts and a tshirt. Don’t make it complicated.

Anyway, I’m still floored by how little time I have left here. In many ways, I’m ready to go back home. I miss the “fam jam” (qtd Brown), my boyfriend, my friends, and of course, my beloved Riley. Every dog that I see is starting to look more and more like him. I really hope he’ll forgive me for ditching him for four months.

Then again, Paris has become my home. For one, I’ve made many great friends. I wouldn’t have enjoyed my time here nearly as much if they had not been here. I also can comfortably speak French now- do I still screw up? Yes, bien sûr. However, I can get what I need, hold a conversation, make small talk, and maybe even a few jokes (I’m still funnier in English though).

A couple more things before I sign off:

First, Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom! I’m sorry that I couldn’t spend the day with her, so a Skype date will have to suffice until I get home. Love and miss you, Mom!

Also- A big shout-out to my Malaysian readers. According to my WordPress blog stats, there are three of you. I appreciate it!

That’s all for now, folks- sorry if this post was a little all over the place, but I guess that mirrors how I’ve been feeling lately. Next up: French/American Mythbusting (hint: the stereotypes are mostly true).

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1 Response to The End Is Near (dun dun dun)

  1. We can’t believe you’ll be home in 2 weeks either. I’m on it for my part of the return feed!
    Try not to miss the catacombes if possible; Mike and Mark said they are amazing. But anything you miss this trip, certainly you’ll catch on the next one! Can’t WAIT to see you!

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