I am slowing chugging through these spring break posts, as my workload as become remarkably heavier recently. Finals time is upon us, and with just three weeks to go, it’s crunch time. Which is weird, because I’ve basically been on vacation and have had next to no schoolwork the entire time that I’ve been here.

Anyway: Prague. The second to last stop on our tour, and the city in which I turned 22 years young. We arrived at the hostel a mere hour before the big event, and after getting settled in, I was promptly booted out of the room by my two amis (and our British roommate, a guy who lived next door and had locked himself out of his house for the night). I was called back in at midnight, and greeted with balloons and a birthday tiara. Needless to say, my birthday and our stay in Prague got off to a wonderful and festive start.

The next day, we headed over to Old Town Square for a free walking tour. Unfortunately, our guide didn’t quite live up to high bar set by Emma, our Hungarian tour guide. We bailed halfway through to do some exploring of our own. Crossing over the Charles Bridge, in which artisans sell their wares for very reasonable prices, we headed to the Castle District. And we climbed and climbed and climbed, until I’m relatively sure we reached the top but I was too tired to notice. Birthday Girl needed a snack, so we sampled a fried dough-esque ring that had been rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Delish!

While I enjoyed our wanderings through Prague, it really only felt like a more touristy version of Budapest. It was much more crowded and more expensive (though still not nearly to level of Paris). I had originally thought that two days might not be sufficient to see everything, but I feel like we made the most of it.

That night, Hannah, Dan and I went to a Cuban restaurant for dinner. I had a delicious pork tenderloin in a creamy chipotle sauce with a side of grilled veggies. It was the answer to my prayers after all of the heavy food we had had in Italy and Hungary, and absolutely perfect. This was followed by a trip to The Pub, a, uh, pub, in which you become the bartender. Each person has their own spout from which to pour beer, and a little touch screen keeps track of how much each person as poured and drank throughout the evening. At about 3 euro per liter, you couldn’t beat it.

The night was finished perfectly (and quite Parisian, might I add) with pastries (and more beer) back at the hostel. My wonderful friends even found two candles in the shape of a “2,” one for each pastry. Aw. They really did make it a great day.

The second day was also our last in Prague. I, in what I hope will warm the cockles of all my English professors’ hearts, made my pilgrimage to the Franz Kafka statue and (almost) to the cemetery where he’s buried. Okay, so I didn’t exactly make it inside. I’m sorry, I’m not paying admission into a graveyard. That’s messed up.

After lunch and a little rest at the hostel, we were on a bus to our last and final stop, Berlin!

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