Long Weekend

A very happy belated Easter to you all! Mine was spent with a thwarted attempt to attend Mass (a time-honored Molloy family tradiiton), a trip to the market and a Skype date with my whole family. I may have missed out on our bomb brunch, but I still managed to make my way into the annual photo of the grandkids (at least, my head did on my brother’s iPad).

Easter Monday happens to be a public holiday in France, so the celebration continued right into today, by sleeping until 10:30. This afternoon, I did one of my absolute favorite Parisian activities: I walked.

First, I found the hotel that my parents will be staying in when they, and Jay, arrive on Wednesday. From there, I kept going. I eventually found my way to one of my favorite streets in Paris, Rue Mouffetard. This long, winding street is stuffed to the brim with cute shops, oh-so-French restaurants, boulangeries, fromageries, boucheries and every other -erie you could imagine. Because of the holiday, a lot of stores were closed, making it relatively uncrowded. I eventually ended up at the Luxembourg Gardens, where I sat and rested my feet for a little while before heading home.

Although it was a rather dreary, grey day, I found myself enjoying it quite a lot. I lazed along at my own pace, coffee in hand, soaking up the melancholy of the city. It sounds depressing, but it’s actually beautiful in a strange way.

Hannah, Dan, Jake and I were going to make dinner tonight, until we saw the abysmal selection of produce at the grocery store. It looked like the remains of a zombie apocalypse. So we cut our losses and headed over to Buffalo Grill (the fourth place we tried, that was finally open and within our price range). My favorite part was how the menu advertised their desserts as “So American!” The burger wasn’t bad, but I’m not exactly rushing back.

And that was the latter half of my long weekend. 3 classes to get through tomorrow, and then the family arrives on Wednesday morning! I couldn’t be more excited to see them, and to show ’em around my town.

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One Response to Long Weekend

  1. Noelle says:

    enjoy your visit with the family. happy belated easter!! LOVE reading about your adventures

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