Spring Break, Woo-Hoo!

Spring Break, woo-hoo!! The notion of a spring break vacation is rather novel to me, since I’m usually not jet setting anywhere for the paltry week off that most American universities give their students.

Here in France, as usual, it’s a whole different story. We are given a generous 18 days off, with all of Europe at our fingertips! It’s really almost too good to be true. And as much as I love Paris, I am looking forward to planning my spring break travels.

Discussing the possibilities with my friends yielded too many results. Basically, we were all willing to go just about anywhere. This made it difficult to narrow it down (Rachel and I faced a similar problem in choosing destinations for our backpacking trip). Greece was at the top of my list; however, my mom forbade me to travel to any countries that might soon erupt into civil war. Fair enough. 

After much excited discussion, we arrived at these choices: Florence, Venice, Budapest, Prague and Berlin. My family will be visiting for the first part of my spring break, and I was already planning on traveling in Italy with them. I’ve been to Florence, but I’m more than happy to do a return trip. Venice will be brand new to me.

Why Budapest, you may ask? It so happens that I found a 4 euro flight from Venice to Budapest. Does the plane have wings? This remains to be seen. But for a total cost of 25 euro (with checking a bag), I’m willing to risk it. From there, a bus ride to Prague, just in time for April 23rd. Another bus ride on the 24th, over to Berlin.

So, to recap: 4 countries in two weeks, three of which I’ve never before visited. Not too shabby. 


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One Response to Spring Break, Woo-Hoo!

  1. Sounds absolutely WONDERFUL! (Yes, I’m shouting!)

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