Normandy Nom-Noms

I’ve been playing catch-up all weekend on various things, such as sleep, homework and sightseeing, so forgive this post for coming a week late. Finally, as you have undoubtedly been waiting with baited breath, are the pictures of the food from Normandy/Brittany last weekend:


Crêpes are a regional specialty of Normandy, and I had this ham-tomato-goat cheese one for lunch in Arromanches (near the D-Day museum). It was pretty good, but it didn’t hold a candle to dessert…


The piece de resistance: a banana-Nutella sundae, shared between me and Hannah (who enjoys photographing her food as much as I do).

For dinner that night, we had arrived in Saint-Malo (possibly my favorite part of the weekend). Almost our entire group went out to dinner together…with the exception of a few who walked into the same restaurant about five minutes after we did. Of all the gin joints…

There were a few reasonably-priced prix fixe meals to choose from, and our waiter was more than accommodating. He even attempted (and did a good job) to explain some of the menu items in English: What is an île flottante, you may ask? “Ehh…well you have the yellow egg, and the white egg…with the white egg, you…” (makes violent whipping motion with hand) “Meringue! meringue!” I felt like I was playing an awesome food-themed version of charades. 

My first course:


This little guy is Coquille-St-Jacques à la Bretonne. Fancy, no? Seafood is the thing to get in Saint-Malo, given that it is a seaside town. This was filled with scallops in a cheesy-cream sauce. I had to resist the urge to lick the shell.

I forgot to photograph my next course…or perhaps I was a little ashamed. You see, I ordered the white hake, a light fish from the cod/haddock family. For my side? French fries. Don’t judge me. I will have you know that all of the high-and-mighty salad orderers were picking them off my plate by the end of the meal.

Finally, dessert: Gâteaux basques. This tasty little item hails from the Basque region, and is made from almond flour.


The following day, I was able to sample a Mont Saint Michel omelette: advertised as the best darn omelette this side of the Atlantic. It is a culinary speciality of this place, and was certainly lighter and frothier than any omelette I’ve ever had before. However, it was lacking in the flavor department (kind of a big department for me). There was no cheese, and no other discernible seasoning other than salt. Yes, it was akin to eating “angel clouds,” as one friend described: I assume that those, too, do not have much flavor. Honestly, you have some of the best cheese in the world right here in this country. Would it kill you to throw in a little gruyère?

So ends my culinary excursion from last weekend…overall, it was very delicious, and augmented an already-wonderful trip.

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One Response to Normandy Nom-Noms

  1. Angel clouds are all well and good but some herbs and cheese in an omlette are a must – otherwise, what’s the point!!!
    Everything else looked fabulous. Don’t let anyone shame you on the fries – you are in the country of their name! I ordered a burger in England one cold and rainy day – comfort food … The results, sadly, weren’t as good. I didn’t repeat my mistake.

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