A Taste of Home

I’m sure it’s readily apparent to anyone who follows this blog that I am in love with all things edible here in Paris. Sure, I’ve been stopping into grammar class and picking up some French along the way, but the real highlight here has been the food and the people with whom I’ve been enjoying it.

While France certainly has a lot going for it (i.e. baguettes, cheese), I’ve found it to be lacking in other departments. Such as the peanut butter department. When I’m at home, I eat peanut butter like no other. I’ll put it on/in anything- fruit, bread, stir fry, burgers- I crave it constantly. The French, however, do not do peanut butter. In my quest, I’ve found only an expensive knock-off and a tiny jar of Skippy for 6 euro. That having been said, I was absolutely overjoyed to find a package slip in my mailbox this morning, alerting me that a present from home had arrived. Inside this magical box from Rhinebeck, NY, courtesy of my wonderful mother, were two jars of Skippy Extra Chunky Peanut Butter!! Ecstasy does not even begin to express what I was feeling when I opened this.

Also included in this lovely care package was my favorite brand of granola, Bear Naked. Although I’ve found granola here, it’s simply not very good. Either it will have a good texture but taste weird, or the flavor works but you feel like you’re chewing on cork (True story: I thought I was munching on granola a couple weeks ago, but was actually chewing on a piece of cork from a wine bottle. Though I do realize that this reflects as poorly on me as it does on French granola).

It was very nice to get some love from home, and some good old-fashioned American food products. Today, I enjoyed a peanut butter/banana sandwich on a baguette with one of my friends. The perfect cultural fusion! I love French cuisine in its entirety, but sometimes…just sometimes…I would love an iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

(PS- Stay tuned for my next (and less complain-y) post about the delectable Valentine’s Day pastries that I sampled from Pierre Hermé on Feb 14th!)

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2 Responses to A Taste of Home

  1. I don’t know – better leave out the cork/granola story when the food mags contact you!
    Auntie Di

  2. Mary Molloy says:

    Glad your package was a hit! Another to follow. Looking forward to April in Paris!!!

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