The Fun Begins

Today I had my first grammar class, and while I’d love to say it was interesting, I’m betting it will probably be the most boring two hours of my day from now on. However, it will certainly be the most helpful in improving my French.

My class is an eclectic mix of people from China, Japan, Sweden, Serbia, Norway and the United States. We all placed into Intermediate, but within the class, there are clearly different levels of understanding. I was slightly irked by a guy who was making fun of an American girl’s accent while she was talking. Given that I’m self conscious about my own accent, maybe I took it a little too personally. Nevertheless, we’re all learning and comments like that are simply not constructive.

Funny story: We took turns interviewing and introducing each other to the class. Upon hearing that I was from New York, and that another girl was from Iowa, my professor asked if we knew each other. Yep, practically neighbors.

Tomorrow is my phonetics placement test, which I’m basically just showing up to because they didn’t really explain what it is exactly. I assume that someone judges me while I speak French. Just another day in Paris!

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