Taco Night!

Hello, faithful blog-readers! I’m sorry to say that I don’t have much exciting to report on today. After class, a few of us went to Tati, a super discount store of anything and everything. It’s kinda like Walmart, but on a much smaller scale. We needed to purchase punch bowls for our sangria-and-taco party tonight, to which our entire group is invited. I  had to brag a little about the sangria that I had made for my 21st birthday, and was quickly put in charge of that task for this evening. We’ll see how it turns out using 2€ bottles of wine.

Yesterday, a couple of us headed to the Louvre to tackle the gargantuan collection of Italian paintings. After two hours, we had barely scratched the surface. Everyone knows that the Louvre is big; I’m here to tell you, it is friggin’ huge. There are three separate wings, all with multiple floors, so it will take several visits before we seen even a fraction of all of the art. Luckily, our student visas make us temporary members of the EU, thus granting us free admission into quite a few attractions in Paris.

Next stop: Notre Dame. I absolutely love visiting cathedrals, though I found the huge crowds at Notre Dame to be a little distracting. I’m looking forward to seeing other, lesser known churches for a more peaceful visit. Nevertheless, it was impossible not to pause for a few moments to admire the beautiful rose windows, and other stained glass throughout.

We’re trying to visit as many touristy things as possible, before we get busy with classes next week. I had my placement test yesterday, and it was short but challenging. I did much better on the oral portion than on the written part, which I was not expecting.

Off now to switch my laundry…or rather, string my laundry creatively around my room because apparently the dryers don’t really work.

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One Response to Taco Night!

  1. We’ll have to compare sangria recipes. Among certain groups, mine is in demand, too.
    Museums are best taken in smaller doses so that you really get to absorb and enjoy the experience. Free admissions – what a wonderful feature on your student visa!
    Looking forward to the next installment.
    By the way, word has it I got good numbers in Cailin’s soccer team’s Superbowl pool. I’ll let you know …

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