Things I have done in the past couple days:

1) Attended to the Chinese New Year parade (Sort of. It was crowded but we managed to catch the top of a couple of dragons.)

2) Made a slammin’ dinner.

3) Eaten pastries. A lot of pastries.

After orientation today, our group went to Galerie Lafayette, an extremely high-end department store with every designer brand you could ever dream of. A sample item? A diamond watch for the reasonable price of 6,000€! Actually, maybe that is reasonable for a diamond watch. I wouldn’t know. Needless to say, we were only window shopping.

Hannah and I split off to do some exploring and happened up the café within the store (one of many, I believe), and we couldn’t resist trying a pastry. Everything looked absolutely amazing! The fruit tartes looked almost like candles, they were so perfectly put together. The one that we decided to share was the Mont-Blanc, which we could not stop raving about (just ask our other companions). The base was a sugar cookie, but to call it a sugar cookie is kind of an insult to the dessert. It was like spun sugar, but without being too sweet. The middle portion was a lighter-than-air Chantilly cream, topped off with a thick ganache of chocolate, and another flavor that we couldn’t quite place. We were dying. In the middle of this incredibly upscale café, we were barely holding it together.

Our waitress was not amused. She was wonderfully bitchy, in that way only model-perfect Parisian women can be. Hannah asked her for the check as she passed by, only to receive the most perfectly crafted runway scowl. Lucky for her that service is compris in France, because otherwise, she wasn’t getting nothin’ from me.

Tonight, me, Hannah and Dan all made dinner together, and we did damn good. I finally, finally, finally ate some real vegetables (red peppers! onions! tomatoes! spinach!) mixed into a stir fry with sausage, served over pasta. And of course, no French meal is complete without some bread and a bottle of red wine.

The internet here is a bit slow this evening, but I will post pictures some food pictures soon!


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One Response to Pâtisserie

  1. Fletcher says:

    Dan and Hannah sound like such wonderful people!

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