London! (Day 1)

Okay, okay. I know. After my incomplete blog of backpacking through Europe, I promised to be more consistent with my updates. Word on the street is you guys have been hankerin’ for a new entry.

Well, I arrived in Heathrow, safe and sound, on Thursday morning to the lovely, smiling face of my good camp friend, Paddy. Good thing too, because if he wasn’t there, I’d probably still be wandering around looking for the Underground. Not to mention, with all of my suitcases in tow.

We dumped my stuff off at the hostel (Clink78, a converted courthouse)- err, basically right away. A little wandering happened first, but Paddy was more than happy to drag all of my stuff around Greater London for a couple of hours. We did a little walking tour to hit some major spots- National Gallery, London Eye, Big Ben, and House of Parliament, to name a few. When we were finally able to check into the hostel, we took some much needed showers before heading out for- what else? Fish and chips, with a pint.

After dinner, we headed over to see St. Paul’s Cathedral at night. It’s worth noting that by this point in the evening (perhaps 8 or 9?), I was practically hallucinating with fatigue. I managed to snap a few pictures though, and go off a little bit about the Occupy London movement, whose camp is set up out’s of St. Paul’s.

I will post pictures as soon as I can get my own laptop hooked up to Internet, and post more about London in the next couple days. Right now I’m in Liverpool, and Ted and I are off for a day of sightseeing. More soon!

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One Response to London! (Day 1)

  1. Diane Johnson says:

    We love the entries, but no pressure. It will be a little easier once you’re settled at school.
    Gotta love the fish and chips and a pint. I had the same a couple of times when we were there. Funny story – Eric did laundry (and made friends!) at the local laundramat in Stowe-on-the-Wold while I hit the miniature museum and the perfumery. I got us fish and chips to go for lunch but the gals in the laundramat said we had to enjoy them outside so the fish odor wouldn’t get in the fresh clothes! Fortunately it was one of the few sunny days although some of the folks at the post office were complaining that at 72 degrees it was a little hot and humid for them. It was the first day I hadn’t dressed in layers …

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