Alrighty, here goes nothing. As you can see, this is my blog about spending a semester abroad in Paris. Pretty standard stuff, no? I’m an English major/French minor at SUNY New Paltz in New York who has decided to do precisely what millions of other college students do every single year: Study abroad and write a blog about it. This is partially for my mother’s peace of mind, who enjoyed reading my blog during my backpacking trip through Europe two summers ago to ensure that I was safe and sound the whole time. In practice, however, I stopped updating after Week One, and proceeded to get mugged in Rome and take a trip to the ER in Nice during Weeks Two and Three. But no matter.

I like the idea of journaling, and having a record of my experiences. While they are undoubtedly shared and similar to the other multitudes of students who leave the good ‘ol US of A each year, I’d like to think I can add a little pizazz and make this thing somewhat interesting for my readers (and by my readers, I mean: Mom, Dad and a select few family members and friends).
So why study abroad? And why choose France? Aren’t those Frenchies all big meanies? (More on that in my next entry: “The Visa Application Process from Hell”) Truth be told, my answer to that question is very similar to the seemingly BS answer I gave in my study abroad application essay. First of all: studying abroad is unquestionably awesome. I have had friends study in London, Salamanca, Shanghai, Sydney, etc, and no one has ever come back saying, “Wow, that sucked. Wish I had just stayed home.”
The answer to the second question sounds even more BS-y, but it’s true: I have been in love with France ever since my first visit there with my French class during my freshman year in high school. I am fascinated by all things French, and it didn’t hurt that the French language came relatively easy to me (less so in recent years). I’ve longed to go back to Paris for a longer stay and really learn the city.
So that’s that. Scout’s honor that I will do my best to update as much as possible, and make this fun to read. I am not the most technologically skilled person, so this is certainly a work in progress. Next update soon, about the hellish visa application process I recently endured.
Countdown to departure: 13 days

From Trip #1. I'm sure I'll take a few of these along the way.

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